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Business Development & Innovation

I’m on a mission to help entrepreneurs establish sustainable independent livelihoods. What’s that?


That thing where you start your own business(es) successfully and don’t have three side jobs.

I help you achieve clarity, save time, find resources, and work through overwhelming tasks. But how?


By providing strategies and tools for development, messaging, productivity, and market testing.

What I Do

Business Model Innovation

Business model maps and patterns enable us to address changing customer needs, realign resources, refine processes, and restructure profit formulas to support new value propositions.

Discovery Experiments

Effective interviews test basic assumptions, discover indirect competition, reveal behavioral patterns and capture emotional narrative responses to reveal what really matters to potential customers.

Storytelling For Business

Authentic messaging shaped by the right narrative framework will clarify, simplify, and empower your brand, making it accessible and engaging. This is as important during product development as marketing.

MVP Design as a Process

Rapidly deploy functional, competitively priced core features with an iterative strategy which tests risky assumptions and closes the loop from ideation to sustained customer success.

Marketing Automation

Integrate email, organic social media, paid advertising, website activity, blogs, shopping carts, and much more to build a solid customer base which is deep, wide, and engaged.

Process Optimization

Systematize repetitive operational and administrative tasks with seamless, integrated workflows to minimize busywork, mitigate human error, and create space for exponentially scalable growth.


Reward, product, and equity based crowdfunding.

Equity Fundraising

Prepare sharp executive summaries, attractive term sheets, bulletproof business plans, engaging pitch decks, and winning presentations.

User & Beta Testing

Test products or services early and often with real customers to identify flaws and revise designs based on realistic use. Design tests carefully for maximum learning and honest feedback.

Customer Support & Success

Deliver a world-class end-to-end experience, supporting each step in the customer journey and sales funnel with an evergreen knowledge base, chat bots, a ticketing system, human agents, and more.

Editorial Calendarization

Orchestrate alignment throughout the online presence and properties utilizing automations and integrations to minimize content creation and publishing tasks, log activity, and analyze effectiveness.

Email Marketing

Build large, qualified email lists and shepherd that audience along a customer journey, through a sales funnel, creating an engaged community through drip email and smart automated campaigns.